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Digital marketing

Mobile Friendly Marketing with Websites, SEO, Facebook Marketing, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. Our most popular services for helping clients target, expand, and engage thier audience online.

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marketing plans

Individualized Marketing Plans, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Calendars. All of the long and short term marketing consulting needed to reach our client’s goal, including custom ‘Marketing Department’ Services.

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brand identity

Logos, Brand Packages, Branded Content, Photography, Video, One-time and monthly Design Services. All the tools needed to develop, re-brand, or manage a strong and consistent identity for any company.

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custom plans

Need a little of this and a little of that? We use custom quoting to make sure we can work within most budgets and provide the highest level of value. Your success is our success and we strive to grow with our clients.

Why hire post associate?

We Make Marketing Painless
Current Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing, Business Development, and Sales all play important roles in starting or growing a business. At Post Associate, we use a holistic approach to marketing that incorporates business development and the sales process. One of the main challenges that business owners and marketers face is the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Having professionals in your corner will ensure you never miss out on current or future marketing trends. Your brand is your business. We grow brands, rework brands, and protect brands fiercely with our design services that can be implemented across all marketing channels.

  • % of Customers Who Do Business Because of an Online Experience

  • % of Small Business Without a Website

  • % of Small Businesses Without a Social Media Plan

  • % of Consumers Who Research Options Online

meet the team

We Are Small, Mighty, and 100% Employee Owned

chris johnson

Chris studied Politics at Coastal Carolina University. He loves helping businesses realize thier goals and entrepreneurs make it on thier own. He is a proud husband, dog-dad, and philanthropist.

Robert Last

Rob studied Agriculture at the University of Nottingham. He brings a wealth of practical business experience to Post Associate’s operations.

Coming Soon

We are currently negotiating with an Art Director who will take the lead on branding, design, and content production.


Buster is Post Associate’s #1 fan. Loyal from the start, he quickly moved up to branch manager after some landscaping was done around the home office. He aspires one day to be ‘Chief People Officer’ because he loves people so much.


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