March 13, 2017


A good decision is an informed decision. Here are some frequently asked questions. We don't mind if you want to reach out and ask questions specific to your situation. You can use the form HERE - or call 321-430-7678

What are the prices for your services?

We use all custom quotes because all of our clients are different, every website is different, every marketing plan is different. We use custom quoting to be the perfect fit for every company and every client.

What type of commitment do your contracts include?

Most of our contracts have no long-term commitment. We do ask that you cancel services prior to the 15th for the following month. Our Marketing Department Service does include an annual commitment because of the amount of work that is front-loaded, also because there is limited availability for those contracts.

What should I expect for return on investment?

All investments should provide a return, but not all returns are monetary. We consider ourselves a special blend of conservative and liberal: promise conservatively, deliver liberally. Every business is different and marketing usually ends up being a symphony of employees, contractors, and vendors. We can only promise our dedication to that part of the symphony a client trusts us to manage. Our Marketing Department Services puts us in the conductor's position, which we believe yields the best results.