March 13, 2017

Marketing Services: Digital, Plans, Brands

Digital Marketing

Websites, social media, and digital advertising are staples in contemporary business and marketing plans. Therefore, online (or digital) efforts have become more important. Most notably, as a cost effective way to brand, reach an audience, engage and convert. Rather than DIY this important aspect of your business, hire a professional.

Marketing Plans

A good plan is hard to find! Having a plan is the first step to success. Hence the importance of proper planning. Plans should serve as a road map, calendar, and means of reflection and decision making. As a result of proper planning, your business will thrive. Does your plan do what it should be doing? If not, we can help and we are happy to do so.

Brand Identity

Every business needs a strong brand. Additionally, all marketing materials should be a reflection of that brand. Graphic design, media, and written content play major roles in your efforts. Consequently, your branded materials should be a means of expanding your presence. Most of all, your brand must reflect the quality of your product or service.

Marketing Team

Marketing Department Service

Because many companies can't afford a dedicated marketing department in-house, there is a need for an outsourced marketing solution. Our Marketing Department Services start at $2500/month and include everything a company needs: Annual Marketing Plan, Monthly Meeting, Website Maintenance, SEO, and Social. Included in your plan, we provide Design Work and Purchasing as needed. Finally... A Marketing Department on-call for all of your business' needs.

Custom Quoting Policy

We provide a free 20-minute phone consultation, followed by a 'Potential Client Interview' where we discuss the details of a client's needs and thier budget. As a result of listening to our potential clients, we provide custom quotes, we call 'proposals' which are also our contract for services. Most of our contracts are month-to-month to be as flexible as possible for our clients. Most noteworthy, all clients and potential clients are confidential.

Marketing Team, Marketing Department

Take the First Step...

We would love to learn more about your business! We bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the table for our clients. There are a lot of ways we can help businesses. By providing insight, referrals to business partners, and shed light on challenges a business may face we become part of the team for our client's. We prefer in-person consultation around the Sarasota, FL area - but are happy to work remotely as well.